In the News: Naked Pizza

••• “Two co-founders of the plan to build a Muslim community center and mosque in downtown Manhattan have begun exploring a new, and possibly competing, project: an interfaith cultural center that they said might be located at the currently proposed site, two blocks from ground zero, or elsewhere in the neighborhood.” Which is nice, I guess, but I’d rather have a good cheese store or Middle Eastern restaurant. (New York Times)

••• New Orleans–based Naked Pizza has already announced two New York City locations, and it’s close to signing a third lease in Tribeca for around 1,000 square feet, which could open in time for bikini season,” says the New York Observer. “‘It’s really good pizza,’ joked said [Mitchell Krupp, of parent company JKB Hospitality], with ‘half the calories, half the carbs,’ not to mention ‘proteins, probiotics and prebiotics.'” I think Dean’s might already be anticipating the competition, because the pizza I ordered from there last night had half the cheese.

••• The Manhattan Youth Downtown Community Center will  host two events tonight: one about kids’ health after 9/11, and the other about why more girls don’t play sports. (Broadsheet Daily)

••• Tribeca’s own Gwyneth Paltrow is said to be mulling starting a food magazine. [Call me. —Ed.]  “And Paltrow is releasing a cookbook, My Father’s Daughter, next month. It has already gone back for a second printing pre-publication.” (New York Post)


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