Seen & Heard: The Harrison

••• The Harrison will begin serving lunch—or once again begin serving lunch, I should say—starting Monday. I think it’s high time: Any restaurant with such lovely light should have to be open during the day.

••• Curbed picked up my recent item about the windows in the middle of New York by Gehry, and two commenters there (who seemed to know what they were talking about) suggested what might be the reasoning behind the windows. I added the comments to my post.

••• Tonight: “Benefit live jazz for Japan earthquake and tsunami tonight at B flat from 8:30– 11:30.”

••• Starting next Thursday, Apr. 7, Duane Park restaurant will have a weekly magic show, Cabaret des Illusion. It also involves burlesque and jazzy piano.

••• Josephine has introduced its outdoor seating, and I have to say, I like how French it is! People have been complaining about the service at Josephine since it opened…. Maybe we should all just pretend we’re actually in Paris, and it’s just part of the experience.

••• Fulton Stall Market says it’ll open Sunday, May 29, and run through Oct. 30. (Non-Memorial Day holidays are TBD.)

••• @TheVisionaire tweeted this: “Also coming in April free wi-fi in the churchyards at Trinity Wall Street and inside newly opened Charlotte’s Place.”


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