Nosy Neighbor: What’s Going on in 157 Hudson?

I’ve been curious about the storefront at 157 Hudson for a while. The windows are papered over, and it seems like there’s construction going on, but the door is never open. —E.T.*

Funny you should ask! That, I recently learned, is the studio of artist Holton Rower. He declined to answer my questions—such as whether the space will be opened or the windows uncovered—and the bio on his website is spare (born in the Village in 1962, attended Putney School, lives in Brooklyn Heights). Forced to poke around the Internet, I discovered that Rower is the grandson of artist Alexander Calder. His current work involves pouring paint so that it forms entrancing shapes and patterns—and, if this video (by David Kaufman) is any indication, it involves a lot of assistants. I really encourage you to watch it—it’s very cool.

And here are stills of two finished works.

* Yeah, that’s me. I’d rather answer your questions, so send them in! Email me at You can remain anonymous if you prefer.

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