Seen & Heard: Adeline & Spade

••• Adeline Adeline has collaborated with Kate Spade on this nifty green bike.

••• I heard from Alberto at Farinella. This is just part of the email: “BTW we’re thinking to relocate the store always in tribeca (but we haven’t found a place yet!), but in a WAY MORE BUSY (foot traffic) AREA!!! Forget about Worth (that in Napolitan dialect sounds like MUORT = DEAD!). We actually don’t consider the closure of the Tribeca location as something bad! We’re very happy to move somewhere else where we can do more business! As it is per the store in the UES: a tiny (500sqft) jewel we are extremely busy all day, cause nowhere else in NYC you can find a pizza like this… but maybe someone in tribeca hasn’t realize it yet. Too late. Sorry! BTW we’ll comunicate with a tweet when and where we’ll open the new store! So PLS just tell the Tribeca Citizens to follow us on tweeter [@farinellabakery] to get all the updates on the case! All the best, PLS come visit us whenever you’re in the UES! 1132 Lexington Ave, btw 78 & 79 St. +1 212 327 2702.”

••• Big day for deals at the Seaport: Gilt City has one for Keg no. 229; Bloomspot has one for Stella Manhattan Bistro; Scoutmob has one for Nelson Blue. Also: KGB Deals has one for the Saturday feijoada brunch at Cachaçaria Boteco.

••• Speaking of Cachaçaria Boteco: It’s hosting the kickoff party for the TOAST Art Walk on Apr. 28 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. It’s $20 if you’re not a participating artist.

••• Coming to City Winery: Aaron Neville on July 11, 18, and 25.

••• The Tribeca Greenmarket (on Greenwich) is once again open on Wednesdays.

••• Richard from Xoos French Shirts reports that “the new dress shirts collection for men and women is now in house.” Stop by and check it out, if you haven’t already—and tell him Burnsie Tribeca Citizen sent you.


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