In the News: Jung Sik Dang Preview

courtesy Jinhwafication

••• Blogger Jinhwafication visited Jung Sik Dang in Seoul, and she says the food is basically “what you’re going to taste at [the] Tribeca post [in the old Chanterelle space], chef [Jung Sik] Yim confirmed me in an email.” She runs down the entire meal, which sounds extremely interesting. The photo, for instance, is of a dish called Picking Your Salads: “This is an edible pot of salads. A waiter warns me. ‘You have to wash your hands after this one, would you mind?’ he asks. Of course not. First of all, variety of greens is absolutely fresh. Edible soil that holds greens is white foam of coconut & citrus yuzu. That rich creamy texture is almost like whipped cream. For greens’ well being, they spray lime essence oil. That works as salad dressing. I had to restrain myself from not digging the coconut foam all the way down. Absolute pleasure start.”

••• “Language is both a source of artillery and the substance of impenetrable defenses in the remarkable play ‘Born Bad’ by the British writer Debbie Tucker Green at Soho Rep. Running just an hour, this intense, stylized drama about poisonous family secrets hits you like a triple shot of espresso. You leave feeling slightly shaken: excited by the play’s formal invention, moved by its coiled emotional power.” (The New York Times)

••• “After years as a designer for hotels, Jenn [Mohr, founder of Sniff pet candles] saw her fair share of aromatherapy candles. But none her dogs, Rhodesian Ridgeback Rufus and Chihuahua mix Jr., liked as much as she did. So, she quit her 9 to 5 and started making all-natural candles in blends specifically tailored to pooches. ‘The standard ingredient in most candles is paraffin, which is a really toxic element. And most wicks contain lead. I didn’t want to burn the average candle around my pets,’ she says. Field of Dreams is lavender-oil based to help relieve stress, and lemongrass-based Friends to the Rescue keeps away mosquitoes and other pests. Jenn created Fart & Away to deodorize after ‘oops’ moments because she says, ‘Rufus has always been on the stinky side.'” (New York Post)


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