In the News: Black Ooze

••• “Robert Curtis, a lawyer, [Uh oh! —Ed.] Duane Street resident, and neighbor to Bouley’s Bouley Studio is suing the chef and restaurateur for alleged filthiness. Apparently, Bouley’s waste removal practices (i.e., ‘reckless’ dumping of produce and trash) have brought legions of bugs to the neighborhood and he’s not doing enough to fix it. According to the suit, his garbage has led to ‘an infestation of fruit flies, blood-sucking bugs, bugs that just raise welts, odors of rotting garbage, seeping black ooze through the floor and dangerous waste piled high in front of 155 Duane Street.'” (Eater)

••• Speaking of—no, never mind. [4/30: YIKES! I just realized that that could’ve been construed as relating to the color of some of the Black Eyed Peas’ skin. I would never! I just hate their music!] “Multi-platinum selling pop group the Black Eyed Peas is launching a Manhattan center to teach music and video production to teenagers. The band’s Peapod Foundation, in partnership with software giant Adobe’s nonprofit charity group the Adobe Foundation, will teach students between the ages of 13 through 19, the Associated Press reported Tuesday. […] The academy will be overseen by the Urban Arts Partnership. Its location in lower Manhattan has not yet been disclosed, the AP reported.” (DNAinfo)

••• Animals, who can sense these things coming, are already leaving Manhattan: “Stray Cat Washes Ashore on Governors Island.” (DNAinfo)

••• Actor and apparent mensch Christopher Meloni has dropped the price of his condo at 88 Greenwich. (Curbed)

••• Farinella auctioned off its fixtures yesterday. I’m still bitter about our breakup. (NYC The Blog)

••• “Battery Park’s new bit of starchitecture, the New Amsterdam Plein & Pavilion […] is set to open for real on May 12, according to the Battery Conservancy. The grounds still need work, but the windmill looks raring to go. It will soon have a café called the Battery Bistro, serving an ‘eco-friendly menu’ (pot brownies, obviously) and craft beers into the night.” (Curbed)

••• Edward “Burnsie” Burns stays grounded, drinks coffee at Pécan. (New York Daily News)


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