What’s Up This Week

"Untitled Marine Vista" by Victoria Febrer, one of the artists on the TOAST Art Walk

Here are just a few of the highlights on tap this week. More info on these—and the full slate—is in the Tribeca calendar of events.

Canal Park Playhouse debuts a variety show called “The Chapel Series”: “This non religious show will create an environment where the audience feels the power of the collective and of the creative individual—a space to collaborate, to share, to expose, to inspire and to entertain. Each show in ‘The Chapel Series’ will have a theme to celebrate through music, words, film, dance and performance. The theme of the ‘sermon’ for the first show will be ‘Power.'”

Good prep for Saturday’s Tribeca Family Festival: “In 1983, marketers spent $100 million selling stuff to kids. Last year, they spent 150 times that. Where does all this money go, and how are children responding? Journalist Peggy Orenstein, former Nickelodeon executive Tom Ascheim and New York Times opinion page columnist Virginia Heffernan talk about the ways companies target their youngest customers and how the advertising onslaught affects them.” At 92YTribeca. ••• The Mysterious Bookshop and the Mystery Writers of America celebrate the release of The Rich and the Dead with editor Nelson DeMille and contributors that include Michael Connelly. ••• At Duane Park restaurant: “Kristen Holly Smith Channels Dusty Springfield.” If that’s not a cue for the song, I don’t know what is….

Larry Flynt and David Eisenbach appear at Barnes & Noble to promote their new book, One Nation Under Sex: How the Private Lives of Presidents, First Ladies and Their Lovers Changed the Course of American History. Seriously, they couldn’t do better than “One Nation Under Sex”? It’s a groaner, and not in a good way. Buy me a drink and I’ll tell you the five that just came to mind.

The Tribeca Meet & Greet, organized by the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center’s tireless David Cleaver, is at Albella restaurant on Reade. ••• Helen Simonson, author of delightful throwback Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, is at Barnes & Noble. ••• Giorgio Moroder’s Metropolis—with contributions from Freddie Mercury, Bonnie Tyler and Pat Benatar—is at 92YTribeca.

Paul Hunter at Nirvana International

Shoes: Matt Bernson’s sample sale (through Sunday). ••• The TOAST Art Walk starts tonight and runs through Monday; Friday is the only day that the New York Academy of Art opens its studios (5–9 p.m.). ••• Nirvana International kicks off a four-day exhibit of work by Paul Hunter, which might include “gold leaf, gestural expressionistic strokes of paint, layers of additional metal leafing, and patination to create a uniquely radiant effect by exploiting their different colors and reflective properties.” That’s one pictured above. “Paul will be on hand to answer questions and discuss his work on opening night, Friday April 29, from 6–9 p.m. RSVP to info@nirvanaintl.com.” ••• The Princeton Laptop Orchestra is at 92YTribeca: “The Princeton Laptop Orchestra combines instrumentals, wireless networks, live 3-D video and hacked video game controllers to complete a scene where almost any musical or performative idea can be realized.” ••• Not coincidentally, the movie Electric Dreams is at 92YTribeca, too.

The Tribeca Family Festival (an offshoot of the Tribeca Film Festival) takes over Greenwich and other streets. If you don’t have kids, you may want to get out of Dodge. ••• RH Gallery is throwing a get-to-know-us wine-and-cheese party. ••• At 92YTribeca: American Gigolo.

Holocaust Remembrance Day at the Museum of Jewish Heritage: “The community is invited to come to the Museum to remember those who were lost, and learn from those who survived. Hear personal stories from artifact donors, Holocaust survivors, and their families. Museum admission is free with suggested donation all day.” ••• New Amsterdam Market throws a Floralia bash, complete with Maypole (and many of the usual vendors).

As for ongoing events, you might consider…
In its last production before moving somewhere, Manhattan Children’s Theatre is taking on “The Complete Works of the Brothers Grimm (Abridged)”: “Over 200 stories, 3 actors, one hour: can it be done? (We hope so…) With Sleeping Beauty, Tom Thumb, Snow White, Cinderella and many many more all on the same stage, MCT uses every theatrical trick up their sleeves to give you more fairy tale for your buck […]. It’s a madcap whirlwind of a show as our brave cast attempts what hasn’t (that we know of) been attempted before.”


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