Photo Safari: Fat Rat

It made me laugh, but then so much does.

Have you seen the tulips this spring? They're so gorgeous they look fake—very Lucy Ricardo vs. Betty Ramsey....

"The car screamed for a photo shoot," emailed Annie Mistak. "I couldn't help myself since I was wearing a dead Easter Bunny as an accessory."

Where do you think you are, Billyburg? The only fauxhawks around here are on six-year-olds.

I guess I wasn't holding my phone still. (I couldn't have created this effect if I had tried.)

I probably shouldn't encourage this sort of thing...

...but I kind of love it.

Hey, maybe the DOT can get the paintdripper to help out! (Or maybe we can draw one like this at Greenwich and Duane.)

Is "in your mouth" the new "in between the sheets"? (Apologies all around. I don't get out enough!)

Nothing important in here. No, sirree.


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