Seen & Heard: Columbine’s New Name

••• Columbine is in the process of being renamed Clementine, presumably because of the school-massacre connotation. The front window appears to be getting enlarged, which will be nice.

••• Continuing the parade of excellence at Barnes & Noble Tribeca: LaToya Jackson on June 22.

••• Manhattan Twins Club will be having a “Mom-to-Mom Sale” tomorrow (Tuesday) from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at Most Sacred Blood Church, 113 Baxter.

••• Keep an eye on tomorrow for two deals at Tribeca Beauty Spa. It’s a website for French expats and people who love the French way of life.

••• How did I miss this? There’s a gallery/project space called Hionas Gallery at 89 Franklin, in the front room of Peter Anthony Fitness. The trash bags are unfortunate, but what was I going to do, move them? Pretend they’re an installation. UPDATE: Peter Anthony Hionas just called. He’s launching the gallery with his wife, Maria. It soft-opened last month, but the official opening is June 9. More to come….


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