In the News: DSK Highlights

Courtesy Mogulite

••• My favorite parts from various articles about Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s moving to Tribeca.
—”He arrived at the posh Franklin Street townhouse, where police had cleared the entrance. That didn’t stop a female passerby [and TC reader!] from shouting, ‘Pig’ at the Pepe Le Pew-like groper. He sneered at her before entering his new home away from home.” (Post)
—The Post also called him frisky frog, Parisian pariah, silver-haired French lothario, Frisky Frenchman, and jet-setting horndog. They’re going to have to do better if they want one to stick, à la the Portly Pepperpot.
—”The Tribeca manse was not Strauss-Kahn’s first choice.” (Post; HT to @Sarita)
—”Wednesday night, the disgraced French politician dug right in. He and his wife, journalist Anne Sinclair, ordered $242.790 worth of steaks and salad from upscale Landmarc. The bill was put on 26-year-old daughter Camille’s credit card, and deliveryman Ramon Leal walked away with a handsome $25 tip. ‘It’s a good tip considering I just walked around the corner,’ Leal said, dismissing reporters’ questions about serving Strauss-Kahn. ‘I’m just doing my job.'” (Daily News)
—”If they don’t feel like cooking, Strauss-Kahn and his wife can still order up mouth-watering takeout from nearby foodie hotspots such as Tribeca Grill, Le Burger Plein Sud or from Nobu Next Door.” (Post, but italics are mine)
—”A neighbor sprayed reporters with a hose in an effort to keep them off his property.” (Bloomberg)
Mogulite threw a launch party there last week, and has details about what it’s like: “Now allow us to tell you about the basement. Call it a ‘bar and screening room.’ Or, call it a dark opium den with Swarovski-studded ‘paintings’ of The Godfather and Scarface and other classic movie characters lining the walls.”

••• “Condé Nast has signed on the dotted line to lease a million square feet at 1 World Trade Center. That’s a third of the building, or floors 20 through 41, and the lease has an initial term of 25 years.” In which case somebody better get a digital strategy. (Curbed)

••• T Magazine interviews Al Abayan of Patron of the New. Here’s what he said when asked about the light fixtures: “They’re made from flea market finds. I worked with my friend Sandra Santos of Transluxe to transform them. The chandelier is made from one of a pair of huge industrial glass bottles from the ’60s that I found at Clignancourt in Paris. I think they look like giant Evian bottles. We used one as a chandelier but the other one had a crack in the base, so we covered that with a metal band and turned it into a standing lamp. The brass dome lamp is my version of a Tiffany’s lamp. The top was a dome cover for room service dishes.”


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