“I Can’t Believe You Just Had a Baby”

Can’t find a babysitter so you can make a trip to the gym? Worried you won’t be able to fit in a complete workout between your toddler’s naps? With Mind Over Matter’s comprehensive Stroller Boot Camp—led by fitness expert Joshua Margolis—you can burn fat and firm up all while spending valuable time with your baby! But don’t take our word for it:

••• “Joshua makes you feel like you’re working out with a friend.” —Tania Santiago

••• “In March, I set out to lose 30 pounds. I decided to reward myself with what I called the 20-pound cheeseburger. Once I hit my 20-pound goal, I had a cheeseburger and fries and it was wonderful. I then set the next cheeseburger goal at 30 pounds—it was even better than the first burger. I’m in the best shape of my life and I never would have made it without this team’s help.” —Amy O’Bannon

••• “Joshua helped me get in shape before I got pregnant, and we’ve continued to work together over the last nine months. He has lots of experience working with pregnant women and he modified our routines to safely accommodate all the changes my body has gone through.” —Sharon Ludke

••• “Joshua is helping me get back to my pre-pregnancy body and achieve one of my longtime goals of running the New York City marathon. I feel stronger, more toned and more energetic as the weeks go by.” —Elana Millstein

To find out more, call 212-865-9290 or visit mindovermatternyc.com.

This post was sponsored by Mind Over Matter.


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