Photo Safari: Bigfoot!

Photographer Milo Hess had a Bigfoot sighting on Chambers the other day.

"The woman in the pickup said it was an art project," he reports.

At Hudson and Franklin. (Dammit, Beyoncé! Just because you have a new album coming out does NOT mean you can jam up the mailbox with your promotional materials!)

There's a tree growing out the side of a building on Murray.

I can't tell for sure, but I don't think there's much room there.

To whomever slapped a mustache on this poster: Thank you.

Do yourself a favor and stroll by the river next time there's a clear evening. (Right before this my partner and I passed by an older man—he sort of looked like an angry Yoda—sitting on a bench. He blew a big, fat raspberry at us for no apparent reason!)

My partner liked his photo better, so I'm throwing him a bone. The signs do look very nice lit up.

These quotation marks crack me up.

These, however, make me a little uncomfortable.

But these seem spot-on.

I don't know if this was intentional or not, but either way, I hope it happens again.


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