Damon Dash Is Leaving Duane Street

Working a hot tip* that DD172, Damon Dash’s gallery/concert hall/thrift store/collective/experience/happening was moving, I hied over to 172 Duane, where the building was indeed being emptied. I peeked inside, but there was nothing but a stack of records and a box of clothes hangers. Then someone approached.

Me: Are you guys moving?
Him: Yes.
Me: Where to?
Him: Probably Brooklyn.
Me: That does sort of make more sense. It was sort of a funky fit here. In some ways, it was good for Tribeca. [I get very nice when I report. Besides, I don’t live nearby.]
Him: Yeah, the city didn’t agree.
Me: Huh. [Missed opportunity for follow-up question!]
Him: It was a good two years, man.
Me: You got away with a lot.
Him: Yeah.
Me: So where in Brooklyn?
Him: We don’t know yet. We might chill for a while.

There’ll be cheering—and sleeping—on Duane Street tonight.

*Thanks again! If you see something, email something to tribecacitizen@gmail.com.


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