Photo Safari: First to Slaughter

Congratulations! You’ve really made it.

There was a big renegade protest on Wednesday as unions shut down Broadway.

If you really want to stick it to Wall Street (which is what their signs said), block Route 27 late on a Friday afternoon.

Londoner @abarbini tweeted that his headboard at the Tribeca Grand resembled the carpet from “The Shining.” The hotel tweeted back that he was the first person to notice.

The Featherstone Design folks had fun with their gate. But given that it’s a jewelry company, maybe next time they should choose a species where the female displays?

Well, it’s a step up from chicken bones. (This was on a block with no restaurants—and no restaurants on the adjacent blocks, either.)

Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s neighbors across the street appear to be getting annoyed. But the rest of us—or you, I guess—are welcome? (By Milo Hess)


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