Seen & Heard: 37 Warren

••• Thanks to Jim OReilly for pointing out in a comment on this post—about 37 Warren (at Church—a.k.a. the one where Janovic used to be—that the CitiStructure website has some info about the project. We already knew the building would be turning condo and getting four floors added to it—I do hope it doesn’t get ruined—but I’m not sure we knew that it’ll have “two or three apartments per floor [with] the top two floors containing duplex apartments.” What I really want to know is what’ll go in the big-and-juicy commercial space.

••• Andy Scheman at Tribeca Paint wants to do a good deed: “I have several hundred gallons of excellent Mythic paint that I’d like to donate. It’s zero-VOC and non-toxic. I’m looking to donate it to a legitimate charity, preferably in Tribeca. I have about 40 gallons of white (flat, eggshell, and gloss) and about 150 gallons that can be mixed into various colors.” Interested? Call or email him (917-509-0224,

••• Men in Black III is filming on White near Broadway (and possibly surrounding streets) tomorrow and Wednesday. If Frank the pug isn’t in this one I’m going to be pissed.

••• Photographer Benjamin Rosamond says his time-lapse WTC project is fully funded. If you gave too, good on you!

••• Maxwell’s—opening in the old Spaghetti Western space as soon as Wednesday, or so I last heard—has posted its summer menu on its website. The chef’s name is on it—often a good sign—although it’s straight-up American food, without many obvious signs of creative interpretation.

••• Walked by Sarabeth’s today, and the banquettes are in.

••• Actually, all the walking I did this afternoon got me hot and bothered, but not in the sexy way, so I decided to order a lemonade. As I passed Bubby’s, I recalled a tweet about having sour cherry lemonade, so I ordered one to go at the bar. “That’ll be $7.62,” the bartender said. I think I asked him to repeat himself, then I said that that seemed kind of pricey for a lemonade, even one with sour-cherry syrup. “The lemons are hand-pressed,” he said, and I’m sorry, but unless a pair of virgins is squeezing the lemons between their thighs, collecting the juice in a mother-of-pearl bowl at their pretty little feet, that’s too rich for my blood.

••• Raccoon Lodge made me laugh today.


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