Seen & Heard: Tribeca Townhomes

••• Kathleen’s Tribeca Greenmarket report for Saturday: “Bunch of new summer squashes at Lani’s: yellow zucchini, Asian cousa, zephyr squash, and avocado squash. Greenhouse tomatoes at Stokes and Lani’s. Next week, string beans! Also, come to the cherry-spitting contest on July 9!” Watch where you walk—you don’t want to end up in the line of fire.

••• The three-level penthouse at 16 Warren, a.k.a. Tribeca Townhomes, is now just (!) $5.95 million—it was first listed in March of 2008 (rough timing) for $9.175 million, and yesterday’s drop is a cool $250K. When I say that the kitchen lights on StreetEasy look like dangling loogies, it’s because I’m jealous.

••• On Monday, June 27, Nili Lotan will be having a sample sale.

••• On July 16 at 8 a.m., Bogardus Plaza will be the site of a free one-hour New York Sports Club boot camp.

••• I wouldn’t normally mention this, because it’s not about greater Tribeca, but I’m a sucker for a nicely written email: “CourseHorse is a search engine that helps people find local classes in New York City (yoga, cooking, dance, etc.). Our search filter allows users to search by time/date, price, and neighborhood, and once they’ve decided on a class, they can enroll for the course directly through our site.”

••• I went to the Jimmy Scott/Justin Vivian Bond show last night at Duane Park restaurant—we were seated right next to TC reader Andrea!—and it was such a treat. The room is so intimate (“There’s no fourth wall here,” said emcee Murray Hill. “We can’t afford it!”) that the experience is markedly different from seeing a performer in a theater. It very much made me want to go to one of the Friday or Saturday night shows, if I can work up to staying up late. As for the music, Jimmy Scott is a legend and what more is there to say? Justin Vivian Bond was fabulous and fascinating, but I look forward to when v (explanation here) will go back to interpreting standards. Bond brings such personality and life to a song—the words turn so meaningful—and while I enjoyed the original songs, I kept wondering what it would be like to watch v sing, say, “Let’s Do It” or “Losing My Mind.”

••• Reader Wyman is moving and he needs to divest: “I have a Bowflex machine (yes, one of the Chuck Norris machines) that’s currently taking up an entire bedroom. It’s very new, hardly used, and I spent a good $1.2K buying it 1.5 years ago. I was wondering if you know of any schools or churches in Tribeca/BPC that I could donate this to? I would need the organization to be able to transport it as I don’t have a car. The missus will not allow a bowflex in the new apartment.” Interested? Email and I’ll pass it on.

••• New Amsterdam Market fans: You can find out who’ll be at upcoming markets here (click on the icons in the upper-right corner).


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