What’s Up This Week

Here are just a few of the highlights on tap this week. More info on these—and the full slate—is in the Tribeca calendar of events.

Nili Lotan’s one-day sample sale. ••• The Godfather, Part II screens for free at the Elevated Acre as part of the River to River Festival. ••• A John Hughes tribute at City Winery. I’m going to say: I hated his movies (but I did like the soundtracks).

As part of the River to River Festival, “Rufus Wainwright Goes to the Opera” (at the WFC Winter Garden): “featuring excerpts from his opera ‘Prima Donna’ and a selection of his favorite arias. Wainwright will also perform excerpts from a selection of songs inspired by his love of opera.” Also: jazz pianist Emmet Cohen plays the WFC plaza at lunchtime (on Thursday too). ••• Kenny Loggins at City Winery.

Magician Eric Walton performs a lunchtime show at Zuccotti Park, as part of the R2R Festival; later, Chrisette Miehele sings R&B at Rockefeller Park. ••• Woody Allen’s Annie Hall screens at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. ••• Alan Rudolph’s Choose Me screens at City Winery. That reminds me of the time, years ago, that a bunch of friends and I thought it’d be fun to have dinner at the steakhouse inside the Penthouse Executive Club. As we were getting a postprandial tour, one dancer waved at us from across the bar and yelled, “Choose me! Choose me!” It says more about the other patrons that about us, I should point out. (Note: I think we were the only guests to ever take home a doggie bag of soup bones to make stock with.) ••• Greg Laswell at City Winery.

Laurie Anderson plays Castle Clinton for the R2R Festival; tickets required. ••• Bad movie Twin Sitters at 92YTribeca: “Watch as beefy twin “stars” The Barbarian Brothers protect a pair of bad seed twin-year-olds from the mob, bankrupt a carnival, and physically assault people using playground equipment.” ••• The Moon Show, a variety show, is at 92YTribeca.

Lower Dens and Dirty Beaches play the Seaport’s Pier 17 as part of the R2R Festival: “Baltimore’s Lower Dens made a splash last year with their atmospheric debut Twin Hand Movements, at the center of which is singer-songwriter Jana Hunter’s haunting voice. Fuzzy, droney and warm, Lower Dens exude that magic hour vibe. Keeping with the theme, twangy openers Dirty Beaches are like a half-remembered dream infected by an oldies station drifting on the breeze at a desert motel.” Someone’s muse is tipsy.

The R2R Festival presents “Running of the Stocks,” an interactive game in FiDi: “Take the role of a Bull, Bear, or a Stock in a crazy run through the streets of lower Manhattan. Try to join the winning side and outlast the waves, but be sure to bail out before you get gored.” Do you think they’ll really gore people?

Fulton Stall Market, where there will also be a concert by the Hairs, who are “catchy, scratchy and just a little bit snarky.” (New Amsterdam Market is taking the week off.)

As for ongoing events, you might consider…
Art in General is currently featuring a show by AUDiNT, short for Audio Intelligence. It’s “a collaborative, research team comprised of artists and scholars Steve Goodman, Toby Heys and Jon Cohrs. Their exhibition, Dead Record Office, explores the historical and fictitious relationship between sound and warfare.” No clue what that means for the visitor, but it sounds worth a look listen. Below: Detail from The Dead Record Archive.


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