Photo Safari: Don’t Eat Where You Bleep

Highly unnecessary quotation marks. Plus: Just saying "pooping" would probably be more effective.

Someone's pug is not allowed to see this photo.

Reader Yael Heller sent this interesting/lovely bird's-eye photo of Pier 25....

...along with a close-up of the playground.

Awesome baby at Bit'z Kids. Every time I look at him I think of Cee-Lo Green.

Sorry, but you'll just have to enjoy your burger and coffee elsewhere, OK? (My apologies to the gentleman in the stall when I took this photo—I was so concerned that he'd think I had snapped a photo of him that I kept muttering, "What a great sign! I love that sign!")

A reader sent in this photo of the BPC ball fields with no comment, so here's mine: What a shame to trade real grass for fake (in summer, no less), although perhaps there's no choice given the number of large buildings around the fields. The smell of grass takes me right back to playing baseball and soccer as a kid, and where else downtown can kids get that? I sound like an old person....

If this doesn't brighten your day there's something wrong with you.


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