Seen & Heard: WFC Retail

••• State Senator Daniel Squadron will have a “mobile district office” (a.k.a. a table) tomorrow from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. at Greenwich and Duane. A Friday in summer, huh? This isn’t Brooklyn, son.

••• Friends of Duane Park‘s free swing-dancing party at Duane Park will be Thursday, July 14, from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. An instructor will be there, offering lessons during the first 45 minutes.

••• I just fieldtripped it over to the World Financial Center (in this heat that qualifies as a journey) to talk to Cara Macari at Urban Athletics. I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know much about the store, and it figures that right when I do, the store is in jeopardy of having to move. She said that she and her husband—who live in BPC and have had the store there for 16 years—are waiting to hear from Brookfield whether there will be either a permanent space—or even a temporary one during WFC mall renovation—once their lease is up at the end of September. They’re asking customers to lobby on their behalf. It certainly seems obvious to me that the mall would benefit from having locally owned businesses. Send an email to Cara at by July 15 (next Thursday) and she’ll pass them all on to Brookfield.

••• I also had lunch at the Fatty Snack kiosk on the WFC plaza. The menu isn’t kind to us mostly vegetarians—not that a barbecue restaurant needs to be—so I threw in the towel and ordered the Fatty Dog (visions of my pug came to mind!), figuring that if I was going to have a hot dog at least I should have a housemade one, and anyway, I had to eat something so I could tell you how it was. (That pig died for you.) It was OK, I think—I could barely taste the meat under the drenching of sugary ketchup-like sauce. It was also a bit tiny for $7. Far better were the lemonade and the salad of black-eyed peas in a curry dressing; far worse were the pickles, but then I pickled cherries yesterday, so my standards are high. I like a pickle with pizzazz (that’s what she said…).

••• The highlight at Fatty Snack might have been when a young man took his (and his girlfriend’s) leave by saying, “We’re gonna go make some kids.” OK! This is why you should follow Tribeca Citizen on Twitter: You’d also hear about the construction worker in the “I ♥ hot moms” T-shirt and the coffee cart worker at Church and Franklin who, upon seeing a homeless man drink the remains of an iced coffee he had reclaimed from the garbage, walked over and handed the man a bottle of water. (Still kicking myself for not reimbursing the cart guy.)

••• A video about the life of a New York Dolls flyer guy. One chapter is titled “Titties and Beer.”

••• Heard a rumor that new New York Ranger Brad Richards has been looking at real estate in Tribeca. Maybe he wants to be near Tiny’s?

••• Kathleen at the Tribeca Greenmarket says we can expect the following new produce at Saturday’s market: “string beans, wax beans, and sweet peppers at Lani’s Farm; corn at Lebak Farm; patty pan squash, cherry tomatoes and new red potatoes at Stokes Farm.”

••• The Asphalt Green Battery Park City membership office in the Verdesian isn’t open yet after all.


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