In the News: West Thames Park Field to Reopen

••• The New York Times plays mini golf at Pier 25 with two horny women. The story is not as exciting as that made it sound.

by Julie Shapiro (courtesy DNAinfo)

••• “The field at West Thames Park, which closed for repairs in May, will be ready for picnics and pick-up soccer games on Aug. 1.” (DNAinfo)

••• The New Yorker‘s Paul Goldberger likes the East River Waterfront: “It suggests that a whole new set of ideas is now driving the making of public space in New York—a lot smarter, not to say more sophisticated, than the public spaces and waterfront parks we were building a few years ago.”

••• For the scoop on what the heat in NYC is like, the L.A. Times turned to “Kate Betts, an author who lives with her family in Tribeca. […] She was stunned to see paparazzi loitering outside the Greenwich Hotel early Friday. She said in an email, ‘At 8 a.m. it felt like noon … but the miserable heat and the stench from the human waste floating up the nearby Hudson River didn’t seem to deter those relentless paparazzi who gather on the corner waiting for their prey. Brad Pitt? Dominique Strauss-Kahn? Who is it today? Who is worth waiting for in 110 degrees of hellish hot weather?'”

••• And in today’s 9/11 memorial news: “The World Trade Center Cross emerged from the mangled wreckage of the towers [….] Nearly 10 years later, the cross, a 17-foot tall section of intersecting steel beams, returned to Ground Zero, lowered into its resting place at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum.” Pretty sure “resting place” is not the right phrase. Also, Christians are lucky that their symbol is something simple and therefore likely to randomly appear. (DNAinfo)


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