What’s Coming to 200 Chambers

This afternoon, on Twitter, I saw this tweet from @POLARNOPYRETUSA: “We are looking for a NYC fashion/lifestyle blogger to chronicle our NYC store opening in Tribeca. New shop opens soon!” Naturally, I got excited (there isn’t all that much to write about this time of year). Polarn O. Pyret, I’ve since learned, is a “premium children’s wear brand from Sweden”; its sole U.S. store is in Greenwich, Ct.

TC: Hi! I have a website called Tribeca Citizen and I saw online that you’re opening a store in Tribeca.
Clerk: Yes, we are!
TC: Awesome! Do you know where?
Clerk: It’s on Chambers.
TC: Chambers? Cool! [I think that was when my enthusiasm started to freak her out.] Do you know where on Chambers?
Clerk: I can’t remember the address. Could it be 200 Chambers? In the same building as the Palm?
TC: You bet! Fantastic!

I’m embarrassed that it went on, even after she asked for my contact info so someone could let me know when it might open. (The company’s tweeter may think the store is opening soon, but the space is—to quote Neneh Cherry—raw like sushi.)

Anyway, here’s “the story” of Polarn O. Pyret: “We make the best children’s clothes in the world. Our philosophy has not changed since our first striped T-shirt. We believe in good looking clothes that let children be children. Clothes should withstand wear-and-tear and become part of your family; from brother to sister, cousin to cousin. We bring the same philosophy to every decision we make. From environmental to social responsibility, what is good for children is good for adults, too. This commitment to quality, design and functionality guided us from our humble beginnings in Stockholm to more than 100 stores across Europe.”

A random selection of items from Polarn O. Pyret’s website:


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