In the News: Stuzzicheria Revamps Again

••• Thumbs up: “Four months after ex-Sfoglia chef-owner Ron Suhanosky took over the kitchen at Tribeca’s Stuzzicheria, he’s been replaced by Paul Di Bari, opening chef of Stuzzicheria’s onetime sister restaurant, Bar Stuzzichini (now called Stuzzi).” Creative differences, etc. Di Bari is “lowering prices and modeling his new menu after the old Bar Stuzzichini one [….] An adjacent ‘Pane Panelle’ takeout annex scheduled to open September 7 […] will also traffic in cheese, olive oil, and heat-and-eat quarts of meatballs.” (Grub Street)

••• “The owners of the Millenium Hilton are irritated that noisy, near round-the-clock construction at Ground Zero is driving away their guests. CDL LLC, which owns the 55-story luxury hotel that overlooks the World Trade Center site, has filed an $8 million lawsuit against the Port Authority and Silverstein Properties over the construction-zone cacophony.” Someday I need to ask the hotel why it spells its name that way. (New York Daily News)

••• “A guy named Brian August and his team are hard at work trying to create an app called 100 Stories, which will use ‘augmented reality’ to replicate the twin towers at the place they once stood. […] The app’s Kickstarter page has raised over $25,000.” (Curbed, summarizing a New York Times item)

••• Wear your spit guard: Wine expert Gary Vaynerchuk checked out Turks & Frogs.


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