Loft Peeping: Anonymous Young Couple

MoCo Loco has photos of a Tribeca loft co-designed by Office of Architecture and Push. The article, by Harry, includes this statement from the architects: “Too often ‘loft living’ forces a choice between bohemian charm and individual privacy. With some spatial ingenuity, this residence manages to support family living within the laid-back vibe of a traditional loft.” The clients were a “young couple” who were looking to convert a full-floor in the old warehouse into more of a home. “They wanted all the advantages of informal loft living, but also required seclusion for their bedrooms to accommodate guests and future family members.” The space was gutted—check out the two photos in the gallery (and assume that the owners had a heart attack if they dropped by during this phase)—which “enables the living room, den, and kitchen areas on the east side of the unit to benefit from the natural light and views of the bedroom windows on the west without ever catching a glimpse of the sleeping areas.” To carve out spaces, “a series of design objects were inserted […] such as floating walnut cabinetry, a cantilevered wet bar, as well as large sliding and accordion doors.” Some of the photos are from MoCo Loco, while others are from Office of Architecture’s website (which has more of the demo ones, if that turns you on). Click to enlarge! But beware the spectral men walking throughout.


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