Photo Safari: Art Nap

I went to the sparkly new Duane Reade on Wall Street, and it's much nicer than a normal Duane Reade, although was the company's goal to remind everyone how awful the other Duane Reades are? In any event, Duane Reade, of all businesses, should know that Duane and Reade don't cross.

RBC NYC is doing some next-level sign writing.

Dude needs a roach clip.

Possible misread alert!

I came so close to asking this Verizon worker if he'd give me one of the "Rubbish" bags. Does the company import them from Britain or something?

And humble.

Not my idea of a pillow.

I'm a bit more word-sensitive than most people, but whenever I see "homemade" on a menu it always makes me assume that no other dishes can be accurately described that way.

And it's free.


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