In the News: Park Tax

••• More on the hand-holding event planned for Sept. 10. Maybe Dominique Strauss-Kahn will attend! (The New York Times)

••• The Eddie’s Pizza cart will be at Greenwich and Reade starting next week. If I were a local pizza joint paying rent, I’d be irked. (Midtown Lunch)

••• “Lower Manhattan, long considered the financial district of New York City, might more aptly be known as the construction government district, a new report from the Alliance for Downtown New York shows. The report, released on Thursday, found that city, state and federal agencies combine to employ more people south of Chambers Street than any other industry does.” (New York Times)

••• A new urgent care center opening soon near the World Trade Center will feel more like a spa than an emergency room. Patients at the soon-to-open Medhattan [oof!] Immediate Medical Care on Liberty Street will don plush robes instead of paper gowns, snack on free apples and granola bars in the waiting room and can supplement their treatment with acupuncture or a massage.” (DNAinfo)

••• “A tipster passes along a hint as to the rent of those new-to-market upper floor 3BRs [at New York by Gehry]. The units were apparently asking $16,000/month and have now been RentChopped to $14,900/month.” (Curbed)

••• “A proposed tax plan to raise money for cash-strapped Hudson River Park may affect more property owners than previously thought, according to the group spearheading the fundraising efforts. Friends of Hudson River Park says the area for the levy or tax would stretch roughly seven-tenths of a mile, about three to four blocks, from the shore of the river and extend into the West Village. The area would be even wider in Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen, a decision that was reached after consulting with neighborhood leaders, the group said.” One assumes this affects the Tribeca part, too. (DNAinfo)

••• “When the Manhattan loft #2C at 165 Hudson Street sold at $1.655mm in 2005 they said “This won’t last!!!” and they were right. (Prior listing not on StreetEasy, but is in our data-base.)  It came out on February 18 at $1.65mm and found a contract at a $5,000 premium by March 11. When it sold again six years later (on July 21) it was a different story altogether: to market on February 27, contract by June 16, but the ask was $1.5mm and the deal was done at $1.455mm. (Again with the odd $5,000.)” (Manhattan Loft Guy)

••• The “Hunt” column in the New York Times Real Estate section is about Warren Dakin, who moved from the UES to FiDi, while considering 1 Rector Park along the way (rejected because “What if I want to grab a bite to eat?”).

••• “Another Harvey County Fair has passed and another tomato tasting table was conducted by the Harvey County Master Gardeners. […] This year’s tastiest tomato was the variety ‘Tribeca.’ Tribeca is a large, round, firm red tomato with good shelf life and good flavor. Shows heat tolerance and a strong plant that provides plenty of foliage cover to protect from sunburn.” (


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