In the News: Nordstrom’s Soho Store

••• Nordstrom’s “charitable concept store,” Treasure&Bond, opens Friday at 350 W. Broadway. (The lack of spaces does not make the name sound less fake.) From the New York Times article about it: “If the regular Nordstrom’s stores go after the perfectly coiffed, cardigan-wearing shopper, Treasure&Bond seems to be aimed at her graphic designer younger sister. The merchandise in the boutique is funkier than a Nordstrom would carry—one perfume sold there is called ‘Fat Electrician,’ with the label showing a sliver of a man’s bottom breaking free from his pants.” And this: “There are housewares, like old Afghan kilim rugs that have been re-dyed, and a $300 seated resin monkey with a candelabra growing from his head. There are Princess Beatrice-like fascinators”—so they look like her?—”from the New York hat designer Satya Twena. The clothes are largely gray, black and taupe.” Racked went inside and took photos.

••• The François Payard Bakery in the Goldman Sachs Dining & Entertainment Complex will open in late September. What with that, the Shake Shack, and the private mini Momofuku Milk Bar, one has to wonder if GS has an in-house liposuctionist. (The New York Times)

••• Food writer Peter Meehan recalls a bad meal at Ninja, though it’s short on details. (Eater)

••• “Domonique [sic] Strass-Kahn is rolling in it, but still appreciates a good buy. A nosy-bodied”—huh?—”New Yorker spotted a UPS slip addressed to ‘Strauss’ from discount online shoes retailer outside the swanky Franklin St. digs in Tribeca that DSK currently calls home.” (New York Daily News)

••• “The upcoming season-premiere episode of ‘Law & Order: SVU’—with some scenes shot this week on East 58th Street near the East River—will feature a ripped-from-the-headlines plot based on the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case. In one familiar-looking scene, the DSK character—accompanied by his wife, an Anne Sinclair wannabe—was escorted by detectives out of his pretrial luxury digs. Faux reporters and photographers shouted questions and snapped shots, just as in the real-life rowdy press scrum at DSK’s rented townhouse on Franklin Street in Tribeca.” (New York Post)

••• “Across America and overseas, some 1,200 chunks of twisted steel pulled from the ruins of Ground Zero are being used to commemorate the heroism and horrors of the 9/11 attack. These jagged pieces of New York City’s broken heart are assuming new roles in Sept. 11 memorials taking shape in every corner of the globe. The I-beams, girders and concrete blocks have journeyed to all 50 states and four continents to find new homes by the salmon streams of Alaska, the cotton fields of Alabama and the battlefields of Afghanistan.” (New York Daily News)

••• Little Lad’s Basket, formerly of FiDi, is reopening on Delancey (perhaps as Little Lad’s Café). (Bowery Boogie via Midtown Lunch)


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