Seen & Heard: Bouley Bakery Tenant?

••• The other day, a cleaning/construction crew of some kind was in the old Bouley Bakery/Market/Wine Bar space. Is something finally happening?

••• A reader tells me that Battery Park Swim & Fitness is closing for remodeling at the end of September, and when it reopens it’ll be for Gateway Plaza residents only. Perhaps they figured they wouldn’t be able to compete with Asphalt Green?

••• Want to work at the BOFFO Building Design pop-up (me neither), which I had thought was only Nicola Formichetti’s endeavor but actually involves a string of designers and architects? Here’s the Craigslist help-wanted ad.

••• Or maybe you’re more into herbs? Atera, where Compose was, has a position for you: “Position will require detailed knowledge of all culinary herbs. Responsibilities include market shopping, managing and harvesting several herb gardens on site, picking and prepping herbs for service. The cuisine is very herb focused—the position will be of central importance for the dining experience.”

••• On Sept. 7, TriBeCafe will launch a new tapas-style menu (after being closed Sept. 4–6): Dishes will include “Prosciutto Croquettes (with a crisp breaded shell that breaks open to reveal a creamy potato filling studded with salty pieces of prosciutto) and Shisito Frito (fried shisito peppers served with a little mound of yuzu citrus salt).”


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