In the News: $18 Million Penthouse

••• The New York Times has a guide to arts-related events for the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

••• Curbed got photos the $18 million penthouse at 200 Chambers. This is the one that a billionaire designed (but he died before he could move in): “Picture the kind of apartment that Batman […] would live in: meticulously sound-proofed, noiseless temperature and light controls at the touch of a keypad in each room, a sealed-off kitchen with no windows that only a caterer would use. Not to mention the custom artwork nooks, a mother-of-pearl plaster finish on an accent wall in the foyer, and enough acoustics to drown out a discotheque.” Anyone else think that $18 million should get you something a little less spec-y?

••• “Fall is still a month away, but four trees in Tribeca have already shed their leaves. The trees, along Greenwich and Warren streets, are victims of a nearby Con Edison steam leak that is overheating the soil and cooking the trees’ roots, said Steven Boyce, president of Friends of Greenwich Street. Boyce, an amateur arborist who has been caring for the neighborhood’s trees for years, spotted the first dead tree, a honey locust, on Greenwich Street just north of Murray Street in June.” (DNAinfo)

••• “Without a media fanfare, 1,150 elegantly dressed diners carrying tables, chairs and picnic baskets walked from the Fulton Street Subway station, through the Financial District, to a destination that was a secret event to them—although it turned out to be the Battery Park City Esplanade, adjacent to the North Cove Marina.” Oh. “Their shared goal was to join the first-ever Diner en Blanc (White Dinner) in New York. The chic annual dining tradition began 23 years ago in Paris and has branched out to other locations in recent years, but its hallmark traditions have remain inviolate. Diners wear white, adhere to the highest standards of decorum, come by invitation only, and bring their own food, wine, and folding table—as well as helping to set up and clean-up.” (Broadsheet Daily)

••• The Pret a Manger at Church and Park Place celebrates its grand opening today at noon with free sandwiches, or so the group of workers outside this morning told me. (This wasn’t “In the News” but I figured it was better to get it posted before noon.)


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