Seen & Heard: TriBeCafe’s Rebooted Menu

••• TriBeCafe sent over its new menu, launching Wednesday. (The restaurant is closed till then.) It is indeed tapa-centric, with Spanish influences elbowing their way into several dishes. (Blistered shishito peppers with yuzu salt? Count me in.) There are 17 small plates—including jamón croquettes, chorizo + beans, and blue cheese toast—and six entrées. The full menu is here.

••• Kevin Bacon took a nice photo of some Argentinian tourists in front of the old Columbine space. (And then another one of someone else.) I’m guessing that when people ask if they can take his photo, he takes theirs (instead?).

••• As touted in an HRP Mamas email, the Tone Academy of Music, a Suzuki school, has set up shop in the Space on White. Says the website: “Private lessons are available in violin, viola, piano, guitar, cello, voice, saxophone, flute, and recorder. Group class students will have the opportunity to try out percussion instruments as well as specialized Orff instruments.”

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