While I Was Out…

I took a semi-vacation last week, and when I came back today, I immediately went for a walk to see what had changed. Plenty!

The plywood in front of the Chambers side of the 77 Reade storefronts (which includes the smaller building to the west) is down. Still no word on what’s coming there. Will someone classy dare to be the first on a less-than-upscale block? No offense to Lot-Less, Less Less, and my favorite, Nelly.

We knew Ted Muehling was moving from its temporary space at 57 Walker to 52 White, and now we know when: Sept. 20. The BOFFO Building Fashion pop-up is due to open at 57 Walker this week.

Another sign on the door at 57 Walker says to send BOFFO deliveries to the eastern part of Karkula. When I walked by, I could hear people building something inside, presumably to be transported to 57 Walker. In the meantime enjoy the groovy funhouse-mirror stuff in the window.

Goodbye, Columbine: Cafe Clementine has ripped off the Band-Aid.

I’m pretty sure the proprietors of the new restaurant coming to the Fitz’s Pig N’ Whistle space on Greenwich had said it’d be called the Tribeca Taproom, but a new sign in the window says it’ll be the Tribeca Tap House. (To the person who referred to it as the Tribeca Tap House in a recent email, I apologize for gently correcting you!) Note: I tried going to the website in the photo and my computer said it had a virus.

The plywood has also finally come off the storefront at 55 Warren. Last I had heard, it was going to be residential.

Hidden Treasures, a discount shop at 32 Warren, appears to have gone.

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