Seen & Heard: Asphalt Green BPC

••• “New hip lounge/ Restaurant in Tribeca” posted a help-wanted ad for front-of-house staff. Not sure what it could be; the phrase “bohemian fast pace location” throws me for a loop.

••• By the way, I peeked in the new Starbucks at 34 Leonard the other day, and it’s really coming along. It could actually open this month. Maybe Morimoto’s Tribeca Canvas could get them to consult.

••• Tribeca Greenmarket report: “New produce on Wednesday: sansa apples, butternut squash. New produce on Saturday: 3 grape varieties, lima beans, leeks, broccoli, edamame.” Also: Saturday will bring a new vendor: Wager’s Cider Mill, selling orchard fruit, grapes, juice and cider from Yates County, N.Y. Never heard of Yates County, so you know it’s rural!

••• From Wolfgang’s Steakhouse: “COMING SOON NEW LOCATION AT: 250 West 41st Street ;)”

••• The website (not ready yet) for Nicola’s—the Nicola Formichetti pop-up shop opening Friday, after a party on Thursday—will be

••• Asphalt Green Battery Park City has extended its charter membership offer: “The initiation fee will be waved for the first 100 individuals or families who purchase memberships in September,” and monthly dues are $15 less than they’ll eventually be. Also, some of the group classes will be included—it’s the special ones (to be determined) that will cost extra.


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