Seen & Heard: Rico & Nico

••• I’m a little overwhelmed by the tenth anniversary of 9/11, probably because I have to read so much about it, sifting through what’s notable so I can post it here. (Today’s New York Times article about the fashion designers who were supposed to show that day may have been the straw that broke this camel’s back.) But then a reader sent in a blog post written by his wife, Kristen in London, about the morning of 9/11 and the days that followed. I don’t imagine it’s news to anyone who lived down here at that time, but it’s a well-written, moving, look at what life was like on the ground. Plus, there’s this great photo of ROC‘s Rocco and Stacy Cadolini cooking for everyone out on the sidewalk.

••• Despite what BOFFO’s website says, the Nicola Formichetti pop-up shop opening tomorrow is at 50 Walker (not 57 Walker). I strolled by earlier, and I think the press preview was going on—lot of splendid fashion-forwardness going on around there (including a posting of @ricothezombie, far left). I may not make it to Nicola’s till next week, so if anyone goes before then, please send a write-up and photos!

••• I was pleased to see (and taste) that Pane Panelle, Stuzzicheria‘s new sandwich “shop” (it’s a counter by the back door), is serving a small side of delicious caponata with each sandwich.

••• Here’s a new one from NotifyNYC: “The Spirit of Liberty Foundation and the FAA will execute a parachute jump over Liberty State Park, NJ this evening, 9/8/11, at 7:00 PM. A team of five (5) jumpers will operate out of two Cessna aircraft.”


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