Pop-Up: Nicola’s

The BOFFO Building Fashion pop-up—a series of collaborations between fashion folk and architects—has given me fits. First, it was listed as being at 57 Walker, then evidently moved to 50 Walker, a.k.a. the easternmost part of Karkula. Second, I read it was opening to the public Friday, but late yesterday, I saw that it opened last night for Fashion’s Night Out. Third, I don’t think many people reading this site give a hoot about it—not because we’re not fashionable, but because we’re not 22 years old.

Reason #3 came into full effect last night, when my partner and I stopped by after dinner. The premiere installation is by Nicola Formichetti and Gage/Clemenceau Architects. I felt every one of my four decades; it didn’t help that I was dressed for a ripping round of golf in khakis (from Grown & Sewn, but still) and a green Lacoste shirt. Adam had on slacks and a button-down shirt, but at least his pants were gray. Everyone else was far younger and wearing black, and the question of why this was in modern-day Tribeca couldn’t help but cross our minds.

The merchandise is a little crazy, as you’d expect from the creative director of Mugler and the stylist for Lady Gaga, and the room is fun—mirrors everywhere, including the floor (as Racked pointed out, think twice before wearing a skirt), and most of the mirrors are angled. The designers were going for “shattered disco ball,” although I felt more like I was leftovers wrapped up in an aluminum-foil swan. I absolutely recommend checking it out before it’s gone in two weeks, replaced by something else. Or so they say. I believe it opens at noon most days.

P.S. It was pretty funny to step outside and see the smokers from the party hanging out next to the smokers from M1-5.


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