In the News: School Rezoning

By Julie Shapiro (courtesy DNAinfo). The existing zones are in bold colors; the proposed new zones are in dotted yellow lines.

••• As @jammypup tweeted to me the other day: “Oh shit. School rezoning. Neighbor against neighbor time again.” “The Department of Education’s sweeping rezoning of lower Manhattan’s schools proposes to slice a large chunk out of the zone for TriBeCa’s popular but overcrowded P.S. 234. The city’s plan, unveiled at a District 2 Community Education Council meeting Thursday night, would send Tribeca children living north of North Moore Street to P.S. 3 in Greenwich Village, rather than to P.S. 234. The proposal also alters the zones for P.S. 89 and P.S. 276 in Battery Park City and the Spruce Street School near City Hall, to carve out space for Downtown’s new elementary school at the Peck Slip Post Office site.” —DNAinfo (Tribeca Trib has a clearer graphic of the proposed new zones)

••• Oh, dear. “Outside 460 Washington [left], a two-story warehouse between Canal and Watts and across from the nearly complete 471 Washington, soil tests are underway. Word on the street says that what’s to come will be ‘as big as the one across Watts,’ meaning the full-block 291-unit rental development, Truffles Tribeca, that went up to the south in 2008.” —Curbed

••• “As of last week, Murry Bergtraum High School, on Pearl Street near the Brooklyn Bridge, had 104 overcrowded classes, more than any other school in Manhattan, the UFT said.” Protest time! —DNAinfo

••• Manhattan User’s Guide wrote about Change by Us NYC, a city initiative about community upgrades. I’ve been thinking about the wasted plaza outside the AT&T Long Lines Building—not just the “park”-like one to the east, but the mezzanine/balcony ones, too. If it were more appealing (i.e.., greener), locked-up less often, and maybe the site of a market, it’d get much more use. The building will always be a dead spot in the neighborhood, but the plazas don’t have to be.

••• Patron of the New’s Al Abayan names some of his favorite New York spots. —Stylesight


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