In the News: Skywriting

••• That skywriting you saw yesterday? It was a Friends of the High Line art project. According to the Daily News (via Curbed), some folks thought it was a terrorist threat, which kills me. Terrorists are not going to warn you via skywriting.

••• “Kanye West visited Occupy Wall Street protesters at Zuccotti Park Monday afternoon.” —DNAinfo. Someone on Twitter—too tired to look up who (sorry) pointed out that he probably got lost looking for the Hermès store. Anyway, call me when Nicki Minaj shows up.

••• DNAinfo looks at privately owned public spaces, or POPs, such as Zuccotti Park.

••• “The brief and highly successful marketing campaign of the Manhattan loft #5E at 20-26 N. Moore Street is fascinating on several levels: it is easy to read between the lines to see that this loft needs a lot of work; yet it sold quickly 6% above ask; clearing $505,000 lower than the loft just below that sold in recently-renovated-and-done condition.” —Manhattan Loft Guy


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