In the News: Shorties Deli Cafe

Courtesy Midtown Lunch

••• Midtown Lunch checks out Shorties Deli Cafe on Church, “a Mexican restaurant in deli clothes.” I’ve been meaning to go there for a while now, but judging cheap Mexican food can be tough for us vegetarian types. And I’m doubting that the meats there are humanely sourced.

••• Occupy Wall Street protesters have liberated the pissy “Tourists Not Permitted” sign from the Woolworth Building. —The Itinerant Urbanist (via Curbed)

•••”In 1967, William Black, the Chock Full o’ Nuts chairman and founder, refused to surrender the long-term lease for his luncheonette at Broadway and Cedar Street, what is now the southeast corner of [Zuccotti] park. His obstinacy set back completion of the park by 13 years and was so celebrated in its day that it became a case study in Holdouts! (McGraw-Hill, 1984), by Andrew Alpern and Seymour Durst.” —The New York Times

••• OBAO Noodles & BBQ is now open at Water and Coenties Slip. —Midtown Lunch

••• “Why move to 4,000 sq ft 71 Murray Street loft from 44 Laight Street 4,000 sq ft loft?” Um, because they love Muscle Maker Grill? —Manhattan Loft Guy

••• Serious Eats griped about the price of a $7.50 cookie at Duane Park Patisserie (which I read about on Eater), but the best part is DPP owner Madeline Lanciani’s response (in the SE comments): “the cookie is 4.5″ x 4.75″. it is entirely handmade: hand rolled, hand cut, individually iced and decorated with colored chocolate icing. each cookie takes approximately 45 minutes to produce. there are 4 different people involved in the production of each cookie. how much are you paid per hour??” There’s more…

••• Re: Film director Andrew Niccol (who directed Gattaca and whose new movie, In Time, opens soon): “He has a home with Canadian-born Sports Illustrated swimsuit model wife Rachel Roberts in the desired lower Manhattan neighbourhood of Tribeca.” —New Zealand Herald

••• “When they were furnishing their Tribeca loft, Arne Zimmermann, a New York art dealer, and his wife, interior designer Kathrin Eirich, found inspiration on their roof deck. They had chosen a sofa, a coffee table and a dining table with chairs in the ‘Mu’ collection from German outdoor-furniture specialist Dedon (sofa starts at $4,750, coffee table $1,750). While they looked around for interior furnishings, they brought the outdoor pieces inside—and discovered they liked them there.” —Wall Street Journal


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