Pop-Up: Tinsel Trading Company

Anyone with a crafty bent and/or a love of holiday decor will want to get over to the Tinsel Trading pop-up that opened yesterday at 209 Water, in the Seaport Museum’s former art gallery. The pop-up came about because Robert Warner of Bowne & Co. is friends with Tinsel’s owner, Marcia Ceppos. The two certainly share an appreciation of old typography (and probably old stuff in general). The pop-up sells the kind of vintage buttons, trims, thread, wooden spools, etc., that Tinsel offers at its headquarters at 37th and Fifth. Most of the space, however, is devoted to gifty merch designed by Wendy Addison (and made in New York City), which Tinsel Trading sells wholesale the rest of the year. The cute factor is off the charts.

Tinsel Trading will be around through December. Also: The museum is reportedly looking for a temporary tenant for the other vacant storefront on Water.


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