New Fashion Boutique

There’s a sign reading “Annelore”—or at least a mock-up of a sign reading “Annelore”—in the window of 18 Jay. Having never heard of Annelore (which doesn’t have a website?), I Googled it.

From New York magazine: “The tiny Annelore consists of whitewashed walls and two tidy racks hanging with silk party dresses, twill pantsuits, and printed silk blouses. The designer is Juliana Cho [who] quit her job designing for Catherine Malandrino a few years ago to start work on the shop with her husband, Craig Koketsu. […] Then there’s the added pleasure of walking, after a fashion splurge at Annelore, past the windows of the Marc Jacobs trilogy of stores on Bleecker Street, and seeing a bunch of girls ogling clothes that are equally hip, but far less original.” (Meow!)


And this is from Boutiqued: “The higher price point only speaks to the quality of each piece, which is evident in every handmade detail, cuff, and seam. Clothing prices range from $330-$800+, with jackets and dresses hovering around $550.”

I have it on good authority they’re not doing something temporary, like a pop-up. Actually, to that point, just as I was about to post this I walked down Jay, and I saw a permanent sign is in the works.


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