In the News: BPCA Bloodbath

••• The New York Times dropped by the Fulton, “a new gastropub in a former Blarney Stone space, which draws a steady stream of finance guys fresh out of the office, who talk shop over cold beers and beefy sliders. The men’s rooms are stocked with toiletries like cologne and hair gels.” Klassy!

••• “On Wednesday, the Battery Park City Authority fired 19 employees—about one-third of its staff—without notice and without severance.” One worker who was let go described how it was handled: “When we came in, we were told that there was going to be an important meeting that morning, and then some of us were handed envelopes. We were also told that we couldn’t touch our computers. When we walked into the meeting, we were told that we were all fired, effective immediately, that we had until noon to clear out our desks, and that our health insurance would run out at the end of the month.” —Broadsheet Daily

••• “Workers have begun replacing broken granite curbs and fence posts around City Hall and its four-acre park—seven years after the city sued the contractors who installed them when the park was renovated by the Giuliani administration.” Begun? It’s been going on for months. And this: “Stern said he was confident that all work on the separate, $119 million project to renovate the interior of City Hall would be completed well before Mayor Bloomberg leaves office.” —New York Post

••• DNAinfo took the bait on Art in General’s storefront strip poker exhibit. It’s been a while, but I seem to recall that the fun of playing strip poker is that something more might happen. This appears to be about watching people get naked, but isn’t that what the Internet is for?

••• “Legendary folk singer Joan Baez is expected to perform at a demonstration Friday in Lower Manhattan timed to coincide with Veterans Day.” Can we expect Melanie next? —DNAinfo

••• “Greg Agran, the newly appointed head of commodities trading at Goldman Sachs, appears to be the newest owner at” 33 Vestry. —New York Observer


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