In the News: Demi Monde

••• Regarding Death & Co.’s FiDi café/bar, Demi Monde: “The first phase should roll out early in the New Year. Daytime coffee will bow first, at a street-level java bar that’s a partnership with L.A.-based Handsome Coffee Roasters. That should open from 7 a.m. onward daily (9 a.m. on weekends), while the subterranean restaurant and bar […] will set up in the early evening for drinks and snacks or a full dinner, and keep going until 4 a.m. nightly.” —Grub Street

••• Danny Meyer’s North End Grill, meanwhile, is still scheduled to open in December. —Eater

••• “As the Occupy Wall Street protest nears its third month, Lower Manhattan residents who live nearby have alternately grown more accustomed to it or increasingly aggrieved. Foremost among complaints are the protesters’ daily drumming sessions, which, some neighbors say, jangle nerves, scare young children, disrupt homework and make working at home impossible. But other residents said the protesters’ drumming paled alongside the near-constant din of construction emanating from the World Trade Center site, which has often started before dawn and gone on past 2 a.m.” —New York Times

Courtesy Curbed

••• The new Pace dorm at 180 Broadway will have three floors of schlocky retail. —Curbed

••• Remember that architect firm’s gumball machine I posted a photo of? Curbed checked it out: “Worst gumball ever! I haven’t had a gumball in years, but I definitely didn’t remember them being that hard. It hurt my jaw so much to chew it that I had to spit it out before it had even lost its flavor, which, if I remember correctly from my gumball-chewing days, takes about 0.8 seconds.” (If the machine has indeed been out there since January, it hasn’t been every day, because I walk that street like a whore. But not at all like a whore! Oh, forget it.)


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