Seen & Heard: Ristorante Aglio

••• Ristorante Aglio, opening Thursday as the TriBeCafe replacement, has posted its menu (including a $45 steak). Update: The way I wrote this, it looks like the photo goes with this item. It’s Girello’s menu.

••• OK, here’s something new and different. For a freelance project, I need to find people in the U.K., Canada, Mexico, Germany, and Japan to come to the USA on a four- or five-day trip in mid-January. The person would have to write blog entries (or at least tell me what they did each day), and take photos or maybe even video. So it would help if they were somewhat creative, but they shouldn’t be professional writers. They do need to be from the country in question (and not expats). It really should be easy and fun—they’d get to go somewhere of their own choosing (within limits), and on their own. If you know anyone who might be game, please have them email me at

••• Girello is now serving entrées (along with pizza and panini).

••• Luke’s Lobster in FiDi is now on Seamless.


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