In the News: Employee of the Month

••• “A quick-thinking Battery Park City Authority worker earned praise for helping arrest a homeless man who allegedly swiped computers from the agency’s offices two days in a row last month. After his arrest, the suspect that DeShay Crabb helped capture, Ellis Broadway, was also charged with the theft of a Mercedes from a Tribeca garage this past summer.” —DNAinfo

••• “Maserati of Manhattan, a Tribeca dealership stationed near the financial district,”—huh?—”sold 150 new cars priced at about $150,000 this year.” —New York Daily News, from an article about Wall Streeters’ spending habits

••• In a breathtakingly kiss-up article, Gotham profiles the redevelopment of 250 West (left). Still, I did learn that the building will now have a courtyard—not sure they had a choice, given how much windowless space would be otherwise involved.

••• Asphalt Green is now saying its BPC outpost will open in mid-April. —DNAinfo


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