Seen & Heard: Bookstore Moving

••• The Civil Service Bookshop, which put a “We’re Moving” sign in its window last spring “as a precaution,” is indeed moving, to 39 Lispenard.

••• CB1 has only released agendas for the first few meetings of the month, and today there was an update. I don’t think this was on the FiDi Committee agenda last time it was sent: “40 Wall Street, application for restaurant liquor license for Restaurant 40 LLC, d/b/a to be determined.” It would be sort of awesome (but unlikely!) if Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club opened there. Or maybe it’s in the Duane Reade?

••• Blue Smoke is opening Monday for dinner only; lunch will follow at some point. And North End Grill is now due to open sometime next week, but it’s soft opening before then, so if you walk by nicely, maybe you can snag a bite. (If you do, let’s hear how it was.)


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