Seen & Heard: Stella’s New Digs

••• Home decor boutique Stella has opened at 184 Duane, having moved from W. Broadway. It looks great—owner Mischelle Arcus said it’s maybe 500 square feet bigger than the old store, but it feels even larger. The size has allowed her to stretch out a bit, with deeper inventory in the same categories: textiles, linens, candles, frames, and so on. I had thought there would be a dedicated seating area inside for Laughing Man patrons, but Arcus said it’ll be more of a summer thing, with tables out on the loading dock. (To be fair, she only just opened the store, so she hasn’t really thought about that stuff yet.) More pix below.

••• Estancia 460 is now on OpenTable.

••• Speaking of OpenTable: North End Grill will presumably be on it—Danny Meyer is an investor—but for now you can reserve (for lunch, which starts tomorrow) by calling 646-747-1600.

••• I haven’t been excited about Beans & Greens (Greens & Beans?) and Wei West, two of the new restaurants in the Goldman Sachs Dining, Shopping, Lodging, and Entertainment Complex. I figured they were only really of interest to people who worked nearby. But then a neighbor asked if the salads were any good—she cares because she spends a lot of time at the BPC ball fields. And a reader who  lives nearby wrote in to say: “Beans and Greens salad yesterday was excellent, especially the large rare flatiron steak they added, and the excellent soup bar (with free samples). Wei West today was uninspiring, with a flavorless duck wonton soup.” (He also called it Goldman Alley, which I liked enough to retire the “GSDSL&E Complex” name.) So I went over yesterday, but I couldn’t work up an appetite to eat at either. I still think they’re bland and corporate. The salad offerings at Beans & Greens & Beans were of a wide variety, and you can point at what you want or order from a menu, but it’s nothing anyone who has worked in Midtown in the past 10 years hasn’t seen before. (Which isn’t to say I wouldn’t mind one in Tribeca proper—I just wouldn’t cross West Street for it.)  As for Wei West, I liked the bamboo on the walls and ceiling, but I have a longstanding personal bias against pan-Asian restaurants; this one, in particular, struck me as conceived mainly for team meetings where Ivy wants pad Thai but Apple wants sushi. I’m sure it’s handy if you’re ordering in. P.S. Wei West was offering 20% off all food yesterday (and presumably today).


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