In the News: Bond Girl

••• Tribeca Trib talks to artist James Nares, who made films while living in the Staple Street bridge (and who I’ve been obsessed aboutgot to get to the show in Chelsea next weekend).

••• Zach Zaitzeff, founder of Zaitzeff restaurant, climbed Everest. —Broadsheet

••• “A photographer who shoots for Vogue, RollingStone and national brands including Lancome and Levis walked out of a Manhattan courthouse a free woman today—despite getting caught with a whopping 10 pounds of pot in her TriBeCa apartment last summer. Lenswoman Jennifer Tzar, 45, had been charged with first degree marijuana possession back in August, after a fire broke out in an apartment near her own within her Thompson Street building.” Do the people at the New York Post even live in New York?

••• “Rather than sit around sulking after being laid off from Merrill Lynch during the 2008 financial crisis, Erin Duffy started writing. The result is Bond Girl, a new novel about a young woman entering the fast-paced, male-dominated world of Wall Street.” She lives in Tribeca. —New York Daily News (photo by Jeanne Noonan)


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