In the News: Pier 40

••• What Steve Hindy and his wife, I.S. 89 principal Ellen Foote, do on Sundays. (If someone ever asked me to do this, I think I’d be tempted to embellish.) —New York Times

••• “With nearly half of Pier 40′s rooftop deck in deteriorated condition, threatening the loss of parking revenue and the pier’s eventual shutdown, the Hudson River Park Trust’s board of directors has voted to authorize a partial renovation job for the aging, concrete-and-steel structure. Meanwhile, a new idea for the pier’s redevelopment could emerge in about a year, following completion of a ‘holistic’ study that would consider potential impacts on the pier’s various user groups.” —The Villager

••• Even so, the park has serious problems. —New York Times

••• “Butter and egg loft at 176 Duane Street sells at $1,889/ft.” Of course, Manhattan Loft Guy has a lot more to say about it than that.

••• “The South Street Seaport bar where television host Greg Kelly wooed the woman who accused him of rape is hardly the place for a romantic rendezvous. Jeremy’s Ale House, a fixture on the East Side waterfront, is a place where cops, construction workers and Wall Street wizards wander in off the cobblestone streets to knock back some brews. The Front St. tavern—where sources told the Daily News Kelly and his accuser hung out before heading to her lower Manhattan law office on Oct. 8—offers 21 beers on tap and blares classic rock. It’s a hard-drinking crowd: Beers are served in 32-ounce styrofoam cups, and the empties are stacked on the tables.” There’s an unpleasant whiff of insinuation in this article. —New York Daily News


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