Seen & Heard: Affordable Housing

••• Via CB1: “Historic Front Street is pleased to announce the opening of the waiting list for affordable rental apartments in the Seaport area of Manhattan.  The size, rent, and income requirements for the apartments are [at right; click to enlarge].” There’s no mention of a website (?). Also, request an application quickly if you’re interested—only 350 will be sent out. P.S. Is $2,178 a month for a studio even a good deal?

••• Reader Dave wrote in asking if there was any update on Aamanns/Copenhagen, the Danish restaurant opening on Laight, so I checked in with the PR rep: No opening date has been set.

••• Tribeca Citizen has 999 “likes” on Facebook. I do my best not to care about that number, but would someone please make it 1,000?

••• It’s so nice to have the southern sidewalk of Reade between Church and Broadway back. I don’t even mind the scaffolding.

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