Rumor Has It…

“I’m behind on my reading so you may have already noted this,” emailed a tipster today, “but I was told that the storefronts on the southeast corner of Chambers and Greenwich, including the former locations of Amanzi Tea and Little Pie Co. and the current location of the spooky drugstore [Eve’s Pharmacy], will be combined and rented out to a TD Bank branch. Yuck, how boring.” That’s 295 Greenwich, for those of you who like addresses. I won’t be back in Tribeca until later today, so I can’t confirm it—I’ve tried calling Eve’s, but no one answers….

Update: The TD Bank employee at the branch at Broadway and Warren had no clue. Eve’s appeared to be closed today, but then it often is, so who know….

Update 2/17: No answer at Eve’s today, either.

Update 5/13: Eve’s appeared to reopen at some time, so who knows what’s going on….


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