In the News: Katy Perry

By James Estrin for the New York Times

••• New York City Opera GM/artistic director (and Tribeca Citizen neighbor!) George Steel does the this-is-my-Sunday thing for the New York Times. Of note: “Chinese bakeries have superb coffee, and only 75 cents a cup. I yearn for it all week.”

••• Former White & Church bugbartender Cristina Bici is now at an Upper East Side place called Doppio Senso. —New York Times

••• “Tribeca’s American Express Carriage House started to reintroduce itself back to the market a couple of weeks back, with listings between $3.5M to $10M being offered. Well, it’s time to stop playing around because they just unleashed the big guns. An 8,000 square foot penthouse just hit the market for $14,500,000. Nothing to sneeze at, but that also comes with an additional 4,600 square feet of exterior space. […] ‘And coming soon, the exquisite Marble House, at over 9,000 sq. ft and custom-crafted by Stuart Parr Design, is the crown jewel of this Tribeca landmark.'” That reminds me of a listing my partner sent me—for a $3 million AECH apartment with two windows. Exactly how blind do you have to be to find that acceptable? —Curbed

••• “Pop star Katy Perry is unloading the luxe Tribeca penthouse she purchased just 18 months ago.” —New York Post


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