Seen & Heard: Polkadot What

••• If you go to Super Linda, be sure to grab a matchbox on the way out. (El Jockey is evidently the name of the downstairs lounge.) By the way, Super Linda’s taqueria on W. Broadway is opening March, exact date TBD.

••• I was in my building’s elevator the other day when one resident told another how he’d just been at J&R scoring great deals on jazz CDs. (I don’t think it counts as eavesdropping because how could I avoid it?) I happen to love jazz—and prefer CDs to buying online—so I went over and sure enough, there were lots of CDs for $7 and less. Some of my buys are better than others—I need to be more vigilant about checking to see if there’s a credit for vibes or organ. If you like 80s music on CD, you really should head to J&R. I almost bought the The’s Soul Mining and Prince’s 1999 again just because they were there, not to mention Cowboy Junkies’ The Trinity Session, possibly the best record of all time.

••• From Zani Suttle, the chief happiness officer at Polkadot What, a new leggings line: “Our products are all made in NYC and our offices are run right out of Tribeca. The line allows girls to express themselves and create what they want through interactive design that leads to their individual personality and expression. The line launched online this week, on Valentine’s Day, with a message to spread the 3L’s to kids: Leggings, Love & Lunch. For every one creation and purchase of a pair of Polkadot What leggings, $1 will be donated to provide two school lunches to two children in South Africa through the Lunchbox Fund—a non-profit organization that provides daily meals to impoverished school children in South Africa.”

••• Check out the progress on 137 Franklin….


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